[mythtv-users] Hopefully the last Revo Question

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Nov 10 20:30:22 UTC 2009

I think I'll grab one, even though I have a couple of questions.

The final question: Does "Windows XP Retail" mean I get a boxed disc that I 
can install on anything I want, or give away to somebody who wants Windows? 
Or is the XP license locked to the Revo machine? Otherwise what's the 
difference between "retail" and "OEM", support? documentation? nothing?

That would make it an even better deal, since the XP license would not go to 

To me, "Retail" implies it's just as if I had bought it at a store, but I'm 
not sure if NewEgg is using the same interpretation as I am.

For another $130 I get the beefier CPU, twice the RAM, the non-LE ION GPU and 
Windows 7 (which I don't want). Since I could buy the RAM for well under 
$130, and I don't think I need the faster CPU since VDPAU will be doing the 
grunt work, that doesn't look like the thing to do.

I like the fact that it looks like it can accept the Broadcom module, should 
that become desirable in the future.

Brian Wood
beww at beww.org

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