[mythtv-users] Impressions of 0.22, and some notes pertaining to Gentoo

Scott Alfter scott-sender-2f809c at alfter.us
Tue Nov 10 19:15:04 UTC 2009

Got it up and running yesterday, and so far it rocks.  Biggest improvement I've 
noticed so far is that FLV streaming in MythWeb works properly now, and even 
maintains the proper aspect ratio between standard and widescreen sources 
(which it never did with any of the 0.21 releases I tried).  MythMusic also 
includes AAC support, so my ripped CDs and iTunes downloads work with 
it...won't have to switch over to Amarok to play music now.

Installation was fairly straightforward...had to back up and restore the 
database to change the character encoding to what mythbackend wanted, but that 
seems to be a common problem.  I had also updated my whole system first (emerge 
-1av world), as a prior attempt to build 0.22RC2 had failed on what were 
probably outdated libraries.

A couple of minor snags popped up in getting MythWeb running, both of which I 
suspect are packaging errors specific to the Gentoo ebuilds:

1) Permissions on mythweb.pl were incorrect...needed to set the execute bit for
    video downloads and streaming to work.
2) FLV streaming needs Math::Round.  Since there isn't an ebuild for this
    module, you'd want to use g-cpan to create a local ebuild and install the
    module.  (How this would be automated with Portage, I don't know...would
    including perl-gcpan/Math-Round as a dependency be sufficient?)

Scott Alfter
scott at alfter.us

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