[mythtv-users] ION "LE" suitable for VDPAU ?

Greg Cope gregcope at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 17:56:05 UTC 2009



On 10 Nov 2009, at 17:40, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:

> On Tuesday 10 November 2009 10:15:58 Greg Cope wrote:
>> Greg
>> (iPhone)
>> On 10 Nov 2009, at 16:47, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 10 November 2009 09:33:03 Patrick Doyle wrote:
>>> The Revo units, which is hwat we are talking about here, are
>>> probably better
>>> suited for F/E use then F/E-B/E combos or pure B/Es.
>>> Small, quiet and capable of playing HD are the usual requirements
>>> for F/Es.
>>> B/Es tend to be in closets or garages, and size and noise are not
>>> such big
>>> considerations. Combo machines are generally compromises, and the  
>>> best
>>> solution will depend on oyur particular situation.
>> I see no reason why my revo will not excell as a combo febe, not sure
>> there are any compromises in it :-)
>> However I do no transcoding/comflaging, as mentioned if that is
>> important to you a revo might make you wait if you are in a hurry.
>> Small, low power, cheap ... What is not to like?
> The single laptop-type drive might have problems running the OS, the  
> DB and
> storing video.  if you store video elsewhere (network) and/or run  
> the DB
> elsewhere it would help.
> I suspect trying to do everything on that one small drive would  
> result in
> unacceptable performance, but of course I've never tried that.  
> Trying to
> record an HD program and play back an HD program would be asking a  
> lot of
> that drive.

Actually I agree as in retrospect I have always combined low CPU hosts  
with decent IO (more than one drive os/db on one and a recordings  
drive) and memory (to buffer cache).

So my statement should have been more along the lines of; as long as  
you have an esata data drive the dual core revo should be fine for a  
non comflaf/transcode combined febe.


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