[mythtv-users] choppy playback on new danish dvb channels

Taylor Ralph tralph11 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 10 15:25:38 UTC 2009

> Hi,
>  Not wanting to hijack another thread, but is this purely a
> problem with (danish) dvb? I'm getting occasional video
> glitsches in hd-pvr files created from a motorola ip cable
> box (Norway, altibox). It's not enough to call frame
> skipping (which I had on my movies before applying the
> framerate-refreshrate fix), and nothing showing up in
> backend or frontend logs, but noticable and irritating.
> Looks like a ripple in a frame here and there. Could it be
> the same issue? I'm using 720p with vdpau (9400 GT). Turning
> up the cpu freq. (dual core opteron 2,4GHz) doesn't make any
> difference.
> Cheers!
> Marius


Your problem doesn't seem likely to be the same. This thread concerns a playback problem specific to recent changes by Danish and French broadcasters and their h264 encoders. The best way to get help is either start a new thread or ticket and provide a sample showing the issue as they did for this problem. Please also provide your VDPAU details such as Nvidia driver version, composite extension disabled or enabled, amount of video memory, MythTV version, etc.



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