[mythtv-users] Does live preview works in 0.22 ?

Joe Wilson wilson.joe at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 15:19:59 UTC 2009

> You are not stuck with anything.  You are free to continue using
> MythTV 0.21.  Or you could switch to any other DVR software you
> choose.
> But static screen shots should work with MythTV 0.22.  They work for me.
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> Ryan Patterson
Sorry I'm not trying to come out snappy, lol..
It's just that for the past few years using Ubuntu, I have found that every
6 months there
has been a pretty stable and reliable release, only to install the
dist-update to find that many
features are non existent, stopped working etc.. I enjoy mythtv, its power
is beyond any other
dvr package out there.. and any issues Im always ready to work around them..
I love the
direction mythtv is taking on this release, I just don't feel that it was
ready to toss on a distribution
disc as stable and ready for the mass.. When looking through my logs, there
is alot of files even
missing from the themes. Mythbuntu themes to be precise.  So my issue is
mostly toward Ubuntu
then anywhere else, and myself for not doing more research before updating..
LoL... Well I guess
this gives me an opportunity to work on a theme.. MythTV rocks, there is no
comaparision, and
as for going back to 0.22.. I already took the plunge.. LoL...  So like I
said Im sorry if I came off
in anyway as some form of attack. I'm greatful for all the hard work the
Dev. has put into this
project..  I for one, only wish I was half as talented..
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