[mythtv-users] disk full, can't delete files

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Tue Nov 10 13:59:43 UTC 2009

On Monday 09 November 2009 11:27:18 pm David L wrote:
> I'm a noob running mythbuntu beta more or less up to date.
> I've found that when the disk is full, mythfrontend crashes
> and so I can't delete files with it.  Since I didn't know
> better, the first time this happened to me, I just deleted
> some of the program files from the command line.
> I've since learned that that is a bad idea (although
> myth really should be able to handle that IMHO,
> but I digress).  It seems I have a chicken/egg problem
> here... mythfrontend isn't happy because the disk is
> full and I can't make the disk less full without
> running mythfrontend to delete files.  What's the right
> way to work around this problem?

Try deleting some non-program files, such as the preview files (.png files) 
and, if any are present, temporary transcode files (.tmp files). If your 
recording storage partition isn't separate from other partitions, you could 
also go through and try to find other temporary or unnecessary files to 
delete. Anything in /tmp is fair game, at least once you've shut down 
whatever programs created them. Rotated log files in the /var/log directory 
tree are also good choices for deletion. You could also try uninstalling 
software you're not using -- say, Firefox or Evolution (I've no idea if 
Mythbuntu installs either of these). You'd use dpkg, apt-get, Synaptic, or 
some other package management tool to do this. These measures might buy you 
just enough disk space to get the system working well enough that you can 
delete some recordings from within MythTV and set the minimum free space 
option that another poster mentioned.

Rod Smith

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