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Tue Nov 10 02:16:33 UTC 2009

similar price.  The Revo comes with a hard drive, but I'm not interested 
in that - I intend to boot it off the network, however it doesn't have a 
DVD drive and since I use Myth as my DVD player that is essential (I 
could use an external drive but that's a bit more messy).

A few questions for people with any of this hardware:

1. Does it support PXE network booting, or am I going to need a small 
flash drive for the kernel?  (The Asus board at least has an "LAN option 
ROM" enable option in the BIOS which implies that it will do PXE).

2. How fast does it POST?  One of my old frontend's biggest let downs was 
that it took 30 seconds just to complete the POST (and that's with all the 
"quick boot" options turned on in the BIOS - I'll be steering clear of 
Gigabyte hardware in the future - all 3 recent gigabyte boards I've 
owned have had something seriously wrong with them, such as 
non-functional WoL, broken ACPI-S3 mode, etc.).

3. Is there a serial port for me to hook an IR receiver to so I can 
continue using my Sky Navigator remote?  The POV says "internal COM", so 
that should be ok, the Asus board doesn't appear to have any RS232 port 
and I can't see anything saying whether the Revo has one (either 
internally or externally).


  - Steve
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