[mythtv-users] disk full, can't delete files

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Nov 10 04:59:55 UTC 2009

On 11/09/2009 11:27 PM, David L wrote:
> I'm a noob running mythbuntu beta more or less up to date.
> I've found that when the disk is full, mythfrontend crashes
> and so I can't delete files with it.  Since I didn't know
> better, the first time this happened to me, I just deleted
> some of the program files from the command line.
> I've since learned that that is a bad idea

Yes, it is a bad idea.

>  (although
> myth really should be able to handle that IMHO,
> but I digress).

Myth /does/ handle it fine--it simply forces you to say, "Yes, delete 
this recording" after telling you the file is not there.  Myth can /not/ 
be designed to delete episode metadata if the file is not there or else 
it would leave multi-gigabyte orphaned recording files on the disk when 
someone deleted a show when that show's recording was on an unmounted 
filesystem or on a filesystem on a disconnected backend.

>   It seems I have a chicken/egg problem
> here... mythfrontend isn't happy because the disk is
> full and I can't make the disk less full without
> running mythfrontend to delete files.  What's the right
> way to work around this problem?

Use MythWeb to delete files?  And, like John mentioned, you shouldn't 
put recordings in the same filesystem that has the MySQL DB data or the 
root filesystem.  If you must, at least set an "Extra Disk Space" as he 
mentioned (really, setting it to at least 1GiB is not a bad idea in all 


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