[mythtv-users] WAF-like mythweb question from Pam Ashworth

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Mon Nov 9 21:48:19 UTC 2009

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>> When I click on a Recorded Program in mythweb, Firefox asks if I want to download it on do something else.
>> My roommate's computer just says it's (essentially) not associated.
>> Does anyone know - What is the file type for this object and where do I go to re-set it in my roomie's browser?
>What do you mean by "click on a Recorded Program"? If you click on the
>title or thumbnail from the main list this it is just a hyperlink to
>the details page for that recording. If you click on the thumbnail
>from the recording details page then it will try to download the
>actual recording file from your backend. So the file type will be
>whatever file type your recordings are in.

I mean that when I click on the thumbnail, his browser greets me with an I've never heard of this filetype, type message.

Firefox doesn't know how to open this... because the protocol (myth) is not associated with any (filetype, I think it said)

My browser (every one on every machine, knows what the association should be but my roommate's browser (all browsers are firefox on varying flavors of XP) does not.

So I need to associate myth with... something... on his browser ("ask me" is what I really want it to do)

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