[mythtv-users] Successful upgrades

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Mon Nov 9 20:20:41 UTC 2009

On Mon, 2009-11-09 at 18:58 +0000, Richard Morton wrote:
> Hi There,
> I am looking for reports of successful upgrades from Mythbunutu 9.04
> to Mythbuntu 9.10. There have been a few posts where people have been
> having problems and many reports of nice installs where the install
> was fresh. So... I am looking to upgrade - now F1 season is over...
> but the WAF wont allow for an outage due to X-Factor.... doh...
> really!
> So I am looking for a few reports of successful upgrades with
> mythbuntu; a list of known issues and an indication of the time I
> should allow for the upgrade (duration of expected outage). 

My upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 went without a problem. Just as from 8.10
to 9.04, 8.04 to 8.10, 7.10 to 8.04 and 7.4 to 7.10.

I was running 9.04 with medibuntu and JYA release (for VDPAU). The
hardware can be seen here:


I went with a terminal driven "do-release update -d" though a screen
session during 9.10 RC time as I couldn't be bothered to get my rear end
from the conservatory (the only place where I can smoke in the house)
into the living room to do it through the GUI update-manager.

I rebooted the system at the end of the upgrade, re-enabled the
medibuntu and JYA repo (going to release testing to track .22-fixes),
upgraded the final packages, then removed the final few packages that
were obsoleted and purged some packages that were uninstalled but still
had config files.

I then ran mythtv-setup to configure all the proper directories.

The frontend finished the DB updates without an issue.


I then upgraded the rest of my machines in the house, also acting as

Nothing to report, smooth thing.

        First recording:
                Saturday August 4th, 2007
        Last recording:
                Monday November 9th, 2009
        Total Running Time:
                2 years 3 months 6 days 5 hrs 40 mins
Never seen a fresh reinstall. I was always happy to have upgraded.

Now for the real reason I upgraded a bit early....

And it is important, because I am sure that a lot of people will
complain about database upgrades. Those upgrades are not handled by the
Ubuntu packages at all, but by MythTV itself. The MySQL binaries
upgrades are straightforward.

Here is the story.

I have the main BE/FE in the living room

I have a big fat machine in the study that I use for various testing.

I upgrade that big fat machine to 9.10 early and decide to do a small
stand-alone MythTV .22 testing so that I can get a preview of what is
coming and how stable it is (I had done a test upgrade on the main
system 2-3 months ago and it was ugly, I reverted the .22 packages and
restored the DB, but that is yet another story).

So I purge all MythTV packages and remove a few config files, thinkng I
had them all.

I then start installing a master BE and an FE on this machine

All goes well.

I start configuring the BE without much thought.

Then I start the FE.

At this point it starts asking me about a DB upgrade.

I go through the first pass.

It asks me for the next pass. And there I stop.

Why is it asking me to upgrade a DB when it is a new install?

and I start digging deeper in the conf files. I then discovered that the
MySQL DB settings were pointing to the production BE/FE in the living

I had upgraded the DB on my production system to a .22 status, while its
code was still .21...


I search through the DB backups and the most recent is nearly a week


So I was left with a choice with 2 options:
     1. restore the DB and lose 1 week worth of recordings and data
        (because I'm lazy to go through the manual process of
        re-including the rest)
     2. push forward and upgrade to .22

I fixed the setting on the bigass system to make it independent and took
a good look at the status of .22. It was at RC1 stage I belive, and it
looked good enough.

So I chose option 2, move forward to .22 on the prod system.

So my only issue was not about Ubuntu or packaging at all, but with

Despite this start, the upgrade went well without any panic at all.

I have to come to the conclusion that between the Ubuntu/mythbuntu/jya
packaging and processed and the mythtv code, the whole thing is pretty


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