[mythtv-users] uk Winter Hill Channel Scan Problem, Mythbuntu 0.22 -- Any help for 'mendip' transmitter?

nospam312 nospam312 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 16:55:40 UTC 2009

>> 801833330
>> 834166770
>> 850166770
>> 754166770
>> 810000000
> Where did you get those numbers from? How could I find out which numbers I
> should be using for the Mendip transmitter? The numbers seem to be different
> every time I do a full scan. I have tried to pick and choose different ones,
> but it has been guesswork.

A bit of investigative work and luck (they work for me).

The first one in the list was the new frequency for the BBC Mux that
just worked.  The other multiplexes where automatically tuning with
the offset of 000000 but I had the previous frequencies noted down
before switch over and tried adding the offsets back and this sorted
my locking problem out.

It is also worth noting if you have changed TV tuning cards some card
drivers automatically try different offsets when tuning so they just
automatically work even if the offset is wrong.  My Hauppuage USB
sticks do *not* so you need to ensure the offsets are correct.

There is a good chance your offsets are wrong if MythTV sort of Locks
to the channel in LiveTV but does not finish the process off (i.e. the
L lights but the MS does not).

Perhaps wait to see if someone posts the correct frequencies (and
offset) for your transmitter.  If they do not try posting with a new
thread with a better subject with Mendip transmitter near the
beginning of the subject text as most people will just see Winter Hill
and ignore this thread.

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