[mythtv-users] New frontend... Atom?

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Mon Nov 9 06:47:30 UTC 2009

On Sun, 2009-11-08 at 19:34 -0500, Johnny wrote:
> > The only significant problem I have with the Intel GPU is some
> tearing. The
> > software deinterlacing and scaling are excellent for SD and HS
> (ATSC).
> > Watching a DVD in MythTV or on my Oppo BDP-83 is nearly identical in
> image
> > quality (except for the tearing). I haven't seen VDPAU in action,
> but I can't
> > imagine how it could improve on the Oppo.
> I only do SD, and I got an nvidia card to offload some CPU usage, and
> I was completely surprised by how good the image quality is. It is
> much better than watching straight from the cable on my TV and it
> looks better than my DVD player. The colors, noise, and deinterlacing
> are really great. At this point I don't care too much about the lower
> CPU usage, I would pick nvidia for the image quality. 

I'm with you. The main quality advantage is clearly experienced with
crappy content, which is still the bulk of what we are getting, at least
here in the UK.

I really think that going NVIDIA for VDPAU is really a no brainer. We
spend quite a lot to get our systems built (even if we try to go the
cheap way initially, we always manage to spend quite a lot, mostly
because we went cheap at the start), and the VDPAU capability really is
a drop in the ocean. It is a very small investment (money and time to
make it work, it is plug and play) for a massive return.


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