[mythtv-users] What to do if your upgrade fails (was Re: 0.22 database schema upgrade fails driver not loaded)

Chris Tepe cstepe at ctdataservices.com
Mon Nov 9 00:25:18 UTC 2009

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 11/05/2009 07:34 PM, Chris Tepe wrote:
>> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>>> On 11/05/2009 05:26 PM, Chris Tepe wrote:
>>>>> If I drop the old database and start with a blank database 
>>>>> everything appears to be working.  The issue occurs when upgrading 
>>>>> the old database.  If I can't upgrade the old database how do 
>>>>> import my previous settings? Or can the upgrade be done off line? 
>>>> Any chance you could http://filebin.ca/ (or post elsewhere) a 
>>>> gzip'ed or bzip2'ed copy of your 0.21-fixes (or whatever 
>>>> pre-upgrade version you were using) database backup for me to check 
>>>> out to see if we have an unhandled issue in the upgrades along the 
>>>> way? 
>> Her you go
>> Your file is available at
> After looking at Chris's backup, I found that the schema was modified 
> in such a way that it causes problems that prevent the DB upgrade from 
> succeeding.  The solution here is to do a partial restore and only 
> keep the "non-re-createable" data.  With this solution, you will save 
> all your recording metadata, your recording rules, and your recording 
> history.  All other data can be re-created.
> Unfortunately, a partial restore can only be done with the same DB 
> schema version.  Therefore, to do this prior to an upgrade, you'll 
> need a blank 0.21-fixes DB into which to restore the portion of your 
> corrupted database.  You can get one using 0.21-fixes mythtv-setup, 
> but--since you've already found out your upgrade to 0.22 failed--you 
> probably don't have 0.21-fixes installed, anymore.
> Therefore, attached is a copy of a "blank" 0.21-fixes database 
> backup.  (Yes, it has some data--that data is all required data 
> created when the schema is created and is not host-specific, so don't 
> delete it.)
> Note that this "blank" database backup will *ONLY* work with a 1214 or 
> 1215 database backup.  1214 is MythTV 0.21-fixes and 1215 is just 
> before the database characterset conversion--i.e. what you'll likely 
> have if your upgrade fails and you forgot to do a real backup before 
> upgrading or some script helpfully deleted your 1214 backup.
> Save the backup to your HOME directory and verify that you have the 
> right one (see the md5sum and sha1sum, below), then follow the steps 
> below to upgrade your database:
> 1) Back up your database ( 
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Database_Backup_and_Restore )
> mythconverg_backup.pl
> 2) DROP your old database:
> cat << "EOF" | mysql -umythtv -p mythconverg
> (and, no, the "latin1" is not a typo or a mistake, and, no, the 
> "latin1" won't cause any issues for users with non-latin characters).
> 3) Do a complete restore of the blank MythTV 0.21-fixes database:
> mythconverg_restore.pl --dir=$HOME --file=mythconverg-1214-blank.sql 
> --verbose
> 4) Do a partial restore of your backup (fix the filename and directory 
> as appropriate):
> mythconverg_restore.pl --dir=$HOME 
> --file=mythconverg-1214-20091105184542.sql.gz --verbose
> 5) Run the 0.22rc or 0.22-fixes or trunk mythtv-setup .  It should 
> successfully upgrade your database.  You will then have to reconfigure 
> MythTV (all of mythtv-setup configuration and all of mythfrontend 
> settings) and your plugins.  (And, on the bright side, having to redo 
> your settings means that you will get to go through all the settings 
> that have been added since you first configured and set them the way 
> you really want them. :)
> Good luck,
> Mike
> $ md5sum mythconverg-1214-blank.sql.gz
> 3684bdc9b80420aa965ac51211dacd41  mythconverg-1214-blank.sql.gz
> $ sha1sum mythconverg-1214-blank.sql.gz
> d966269cdfdb8b4a8991b65bf68b1048d2e2107e  mythconverg-1214-blank.sql.gz
This fixed my database upgrade issues.

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