[mythtv-users] Jamu error message

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 15:10:41 UTC 2009

> I've been trying to run a Mass Update by following the instructions on the Wiki. I haven't yet got past the Interactive Session phase. I'm running a mythbuntu 9.10 installation. The Jamu cron jobs are definitely working because I have fanart etc appearing for most of my TV shows. However there are a couple of shows where it has picked the wrong graphics, and I have a few movies in my mythvideo collection that aren't on themoviedb.org and I was hoping to use jamu's secondary source to get the data from imdb instead.

It is against the terms of service to scrape from the IMDB, so there
isn't going to be official support for that. TMDB and TVDB are both
run wiki style. So if you have movies or shows that aren't present the
preferrable thing to do is to add them in. Then everybody benefits
from that. Also it is possible that your movie/show is in the database
but it may not have any artwork. Likewise you are encouraged to add it
in. The only way to get it all there is for the users to add it.

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