[mythtv-users] ASRock IONSTAR & USB DVB-T

Peter Wurmsdobler peter at wurmsdobler.org
Sun Nov 8 12:52:18 UTC 2009


Before going ahead and buy a ASRock IONSTAR Atom 330, I would like to be 
sure that it would successfully run MythTV in conjunction with a USB 
DVB-T dongle. So I have seveal questions:

1. USB DVB-T dongle
What USB DV-T dongle is known to work with MythTV (in the UK)?

2. CPU power
I presume that the CPU has to do a bit more if one uses a USB-T dongle, 
e.g. demultiplexing the data stream for a tuned band. Is the Dual Atom 
330 powerful enough to handle this data stream?

3. RAM disk
In my understanding, when wathing life TV, MythTV demultiplexes the 
respectice channel data stream to disk from where it is read back for 
further decoding. If this is the case, can MythTV be configured to go 
through a RAM disk in order to keep the hard disk unused for normal 

I am looking forward to receiving some positive response,
kind regards,

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