[mythtv-users] Bus Error on Mac OS X 0.21-fixes -> 0.22 (22266)

Chris Bayly cbayly at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 05:09:04 UTC 2009

Just as a heads-up for those upgrading Mac frontends from 0.21 to
0.22.   Here's one issue I ran into (and a fix!).

After grabing the latest SVN MythFrontend build from
http://www.thesniderpad.com/  and trying to run it, it would keep
crashing out, even after removing ~/.mythtv.   After playing around
and trying a bunch of different versions (all of the ones on the same
API level) and hitting the same issue, I decided to check the mailing
list and google for anyone else seeing the same "Bus Error" (or if you
ran it from the Finder you would get a "This application has crashed"
dialog).  Looking at the output when run from the commandline it
appeared to be happening right after trying to pick a theme
("Switching to Terra since the previous theme has an error", etc).

Not finding anything similar online, I started to play around, and
found the command line switch "-r" or "--reset" that "Resets frontend
appearance settings and language".  After running that the frontend
came up with no problems.

Hopefully I've left enough keywords for others to search for in here
that others will find this post :)

Chris Bayly
cbayly at gmail.com

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