[mythtv-users] guide too slow, "unable to save" icon files

Mary Strimel mary.strimel at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 03:09:24 UTC 2009

> mythfrontend only caches the icon for you.  Something else retrieves it on
> the backend--mythfilldatabase or channel_icons.pl.  Likely that something
> else didn't have permission, so it failed, so the icon image doesn't exist.
>  Or, for a combined frontend/master backend system, the files exist but
> aren't readable by the frontend process, so it tries to save a "local" copy
> and fails (because someone else owns a file in that location).
> Mike
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Okay, I see what you're saying.  On first install, mythtv-setup walked
me through getting the icons but they must not be in the right place.
I ran channel_icons.pl, pointing it to /home/mary/.mythv/channels, and
the problem is solved.  Thanks!

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