[mythtv-users] program guide very slow if current program is hidef

Adam Felson a.f.9 at pobox.com
Sun Nov 8 02:18:44 UTC 2009

I've recently returned my cable boxes as the local cable company wants too 
much and offers no unencrypted digital or hidef programming that I can't get 
over the air.

I've just started seriously using mythtv for watching live tv.  I've noticed 
that if I'm watching a hidef program and try to use the program guide, it is 
so slow that it is nearly unuseable.  It frequently locks up for 30 seconds 
at a time.  If I pause the live tv first, then the program guide is fine.

Is this a known bug? (feature?)  is there a workaround other than pausing 
before using the program guide.

BTW: I'm using version  0.22.20091023-1

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