[mythtv-users] Video garbled and No S-Video out

FC ebay41250305 at shaw.ca
Sat Nov 7 21:00:30 UTC 2009

Hi, I'm running an older Asus Pundit with a PVR-250 card. The onboard
graphics is SIS and I've used mythdora 10 to do my install.


Everything seems to be ok IE. No errors when hooked up to monitor using VGA.
I can upload video files and play them without any issues. However if I try
to watch live TV or record anything it is all garbled coloured snow on the
screen. I get audio so I can hear the channels and sometimes see a faint
picture amongst the snow but nothing watchable. When I tried to use the
s-video output from the PVR card to the TV I got no video at all. 


I've run the mythtv setup to configure it all but something seems to be off.
I'm not very experienced in Linux but have managed to do my myth installs
using Jarod W's "How to" in the past. First time using mythdora. Is there
something else I need to setup or edit to make this workable?


Searches on the list haven't helped me so far, so any help would be




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