[mythtv-users] fanart update

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 19:19:58 UTC 2009

>>   Mythbuntu 9.10 has a few Jamu cron jobs set up at installation.
>> Specifically for MythVideo there is a maintenance cron job that runs once a
>> week.


>>   The other Mythbuntu Jamu cron jobs are a weekly clean up of orphaned
>> graphics and every hour a download of graphics for your Scheduled and
>> Recorded programs. Only missing graphics will be downloaded. These graphics
>> will show in the Watch Recordings screen with some of the new themes.

> I found the cron jobs and the log file they write to. The jamu jobs were
> failing because the config.xml file in the mythtv user's home directory had
> the wrong dbhost name.

I just upgraded mythbuntu from 9.04 to 9.10 and I don't see any jamu
cron jobs setup. Does this only happen during a clean install?
Where/how are the jobs setup exactly? I would like to mirror this
method on my system. I know I can go through and figure it out
manually but if there is a convenient way I could just copy the jobs
over that would be great.

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