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Sat Nov 7 15:45:28 UTC 2009

On Sat, Nov 7, 2009 at 2:32 PM, Mike Perkins
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> Simon Hobson wrote:
>> Douglas Mackay wrote:
>>   > You're not the only one !
>>>  >
>>>  > It's not helped when Digital UK post lies on their website :
>>>  > http://www.digitaluk.co.uk/when_do_i_switch/granada/winter_hill
>>>>  "If you have ... freesat on all of your TV sets you will not be
>>>> affected by
>>>>  switchover."
>>>>  That in my book is an outright lie - this week they've
>>>> moved/re-organised
>>>>  two muxes, and in December they'll move some more. If they think moving
>>>>  muxes so you have to retune counts as "not affected", then it makes you
>>>>  wonder at teh mentality of the people managing this.
>>> ??
>>> Sorry maybe I'm missing something how is freesat anything to do with
>>> freeview? (freesat is a satellite service which as the text you've
>>> quoted states will not be affected by the terrestrial digital switch
>>> over)
>> Doh - teach me to read more carefully :-/ Yes you are completely correct,
>> for some reason my mind just read that as "freeview" <slaps head>.
>> Still darned frustrating - being in the Granada region, the local news has
>> of course been full of it in the run up. However, amongst all the hype, at
>> no point was it mentioned (that I recognised) that freeview users would need
>> to retune yet again. All the coverage seemed to be aimed at the non-digital
>> people - "you'll be losing BBC2 on Wednesday".
>> Well guess what I'll be doing for a couple of hours tomorrow - I've a
>> friend with three sets to retune. It's not the retuning, it's the "put the
>> channels in something resembling sanity order" that takes time. I've even
>> printed out a sheet with the channels and numbers I want (my own set is a
>> right pain to re-number channels on).
>>  Curiously, once I'd isolated the transports which my local transmitter
> actually uses, got rid of the others I can pick up but don't want, and
> *rescanned each transport individually*, all my Freeview channels came out
> with the right channel numbers already assigned. YMMV.
> (I found it was then necessary to run the following SQL:
> update channel set freqid = channum;
> because the freqid - which is used to change channels - was not set to
> something useful. In all cases, channum had been generated as chanid +
> 1000.)
> --
> Mike Perkins
A rescan will use the standard Freeview LCN (Logical Chanel Numbers) scheme.

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