[mythtv-users] Recording Channel Change Does Not Always Work - Suggestions For How to Debug?

Robert Havlin bob.havlin at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 17:24:01 UTC 2009

Thanks for the suggestions regarding how to make firewire channel changing
more reliable for the backend recordings.
According to the suggestions, I switched from the built-in myth firewire
channel changing to the 6200ch channel change program for my SA/Cisco
RNG-200 STB.
Also, I modified the set_chan_slow in 6200ch.c to include a 0.5 second wait
after the channel change is sent to the box and now I am 100% reliably
changing channels for recordings.
It might make sense to allow for such time delay options in the builtin
channel changer that can be configured via the setup interface, since I
believe the only issue was the fact that there was no wait period before the
recording began.  Or perhaps some kind of wait for an "OK" response over the

Thanks again.
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