[mythtv-users] MySQL server has gone away

Duncan Brown mythtv at duncb.co.uk
Fri Nov 6 17:08:23 UTC 2009

On 06/11/2009 16:33, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 11/06/2009 09:59 AM, Duncan Brown wrote:
>> On 06/11/2009 14:27, Dan Wilga wrote:
>>> What is the value for wait_timeout in your my.cnf? It's been my 
>>> experience that this variable is more important, since it controls 
>>> the length of time that a connection is allowed to remain idle 
>>> before the server disconnects. It has to be longer than the 
>>> execution time of the longest query.
>>> IMHO, a value of 600 (10 minutes) should be plenty. And on a system 
>>> where you generally only have a few clients at most, that value 
>>> should not result in too many zombie connections.
>> At the moment it is whatever the default is. I'll try bumping it up 
>> to 600 and see how it goes.
>> Thanks for the suggestion 
> Wait timeout defaults to 28800 (seconds--which is 8hrs) in MySQL 
> (though your distro may have changed your system configuration such 
> that it uses something lower).  Bumping from 28800 to 600 won't help.  :)
> Mike
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Any other ideas? It hasnt happened since I changed that setting, but 
then again it probably wont until I leave the mrs at home watching tv..


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