[mythtv-users] How can I change the Remote Control button timeout for channel changes?

Another Sillyname anothersname at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 6 11:56:00 UTC 2009

2009/11/6 Nick Morrott <knowledgejunkie at gmail.com>:
> 2009/11/6 Another Sillyname <anothersname at googlemail.com>:
>> I'm currently working on getting a better implementation of the PS3
>> bluetooth remote for mythtv.
>> While doing this I also want to be able to change the timeout between
>> button presses BEFORE the channel changes....
>> i.e. Let's say I want to press 205 and instead just press 25, at the
>> moment Mythtv reacts to change the channel too quickly before I can
>> backup to correct the error.  Ideally what I really want is to enter
>> my numbers then press the enter key on the remote to say execute the
>> channel change.  You might say just change the channel again, but on
>> DVB-T sometimes the channel will lock on a 'dead carrier' and take up
>> to 30 seconds before you can get control back.
>> I've googled but can't find any way to do this......any ideas anyone?
> You need to disable MythTV from automatically changing channel when
> you enter a valid channum.
> Specifically, you need to disable the option "Change channels
> immediately without select" on the "General Basic" TV Settings setup
> page.
> Cheers,
> Nick
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OOO Nick.....Bug-et

WIth the value set either way the channel still changes without me
having to hit the enter key.

I'm running 22RC1

Could you see if it works correctly on your possibly?


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