[mythtv-users] uk Winter Hill Channel Scan Problem Mythbuntu 0.22

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Fri Nov 6 10:33:39 UTC 2009

nospam312 wrote:
>> Anyone else in the uk Winter Hill area managed to get these channels to work
>> correctly?
> Delete all channels and existing transports/frequencies then scan
> using the specific transport option (i.e. not Full Scan, the option is
> in the same list as Import channels.conf etc).  Enter the following
> frequencies one at a time selecting Next after each one.  Leave all
> the other settings as Auto. (If it helps for speed I just delete all
> the records in the "channel" and "dtv_multiplex" tables via MySQL)
> 801833330
> 834166770
> 850166770
> 754166770
> 810000000
> This works for me in MythTV 0.21fixes.  Only 5 multiplexes listed as
> the only thing left on the other multiplex is the Community Channel
> and duplicated BBC channels.
> For whatever reason MythTV generally always automatically picks up the
> wrong frequencies (i.e. generally the wrong offset the last 6 digits).
>  This means you do not get lock on the channels etc.
> If you still have problems with 0.22 I will fire up my test box and
> reinstall if necessary and see if I can replicate.
Thanks. I'll try over the weekend if I can get access to the system for 
a couple of hours!


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