[mythtv-users] No EPG freeview

Simon Jones sijones_uk at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 6 06:34:42 UTC 2009

Hi All,

Am not getting any freeview epg data, and in the log this is what am seeing, is there a reason? i have only just rescanned after the Granada region changing all the freqencies.


2009-11-05 22:29:12.412 Program #8267 not found in PAT!
Program Association Table
 PSIP tableID(0x0) length(109) extension(0x6000)
      version(3) current(1) section(0) last_section(0)
         tsid: 24576
 programCount: 25
  program number     0 has PID 0x  10   data  0x 0 0x 0 0xe0 0x10
  program number 25664 has PID 0x 3e9   data  0x64 0x40 0xe3 0xe9
  program number 25728 has PID 0x 3ea   data  0x64 0x80 0xe3 0xea
  program number 25792 has PID 0x 3eb   data  0x64 0xc0 0xe3 0xeb
  program number 25856 has PID 0x 3ec   data  0x65 0x 0 0xe3 0xec
  program number 25920 has PID 0x 3ed   data  0x65 0x40 0xe3 0xed
  program number 27136 has PID 0x 3f0   data  0x6a 0x 0 0xe3 0xf0
  program number 27264 has PID 0x 3f2   data  0x6a 0x80 0xe3 0xf2
  program number 27328 has PID 0x 3f3   data  0x6a 0xc0 0xe3 0xf3
  program number 27392 has PID 0x 3f7   data  0x6b 0x 0 0xe3 0xf7
  program number 27456 has PID 0x 3f8   data  0x6b 0x40 0xe3 0xf8
  program number 27520 has PID 0x 3f9   data  0x6b 0x80 0xe3 0xf9
  program number 27648 has PID 0x 408   data  0x6c 0x 0 0xe4 0x 8
  program number 27776 has PID 0x 40a   data  0x6c 0x80 0xe4 0x a
  program number 27840 has PID 0x 40b   data  0x6c 0xc0 0xe4 0x b
  program number 27904 has PID 0x 40c   data  0x6d 0x 0 0xe4 0x c
  program number 28032 has PID 0x 40d   data  0x6d 0x80 0xe4 0x d
  program number 27008 has PID 0x 407   data  0x69 0x80 0xe4 0x 7
  program number 26688 has PID 0x 405   data  0x68 0x40 0xe4 0x 5
  program number 26624 has PID 0x 404   data  0x68 0x 0 0xe4 0x 4
  program number 26560 has PID 0x 403   data  0x67 0xc0 0xe4 0x 3
  program number 26304 has PID 0x 3ff   data  0x66 0xc0 0xe3 0xff
  program number 26240 has PID 0x 3fe   data  0x66 0x80 0xe3 0xfe
  program number 26176 has PID 0x 3fd   data  0x66 0x40 0xe3 0xfd
  program number 26368 has PID 0x 400   data  0x67 0x 0 0xe4 0x 0

2009-11-05 22:29:12.865 ProcessPAT: Program not found in PAT.
                        Rescan your transports.
2009-11-05 22:29:12.918 Desired program #8267 not found in PAT.
                        Can Not create single program PAT.


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