[mythtv-users] [RFC] Proposed settings rework

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 00:46:21 UTC 2009

maybe this is a little ambitious, but a communit submission of
settings by trusted members may be workable in the following

create profiles that meet requirements:
- Freeview in the UK (DVB-Tv UK profile using EIT)
   - using certain **very** supported v4l cards such as the hauppauge Nova-T500
- freesat
    - using dvb-s hauppauge card

the idea being reducing the barriers to entry by creating presets for
common scenarios so that user can find it eaier - if having certain
sets of hardware. Lets be frank to setup a myth box people have
usually bought hardware specifically for the job, and therefore lets
get those users up and running quickly, once they have it working
maybe they'll work with it to tweak there settings and maybe help us
to create profle (such as dvb-t in the uk with a profile for radio
times xml feed, or a profile for freesat with radiotime, etc.). I am
not saying that we should remove the capability to "tinker", but
merely introduce more to mythtv, as it works so well out of the box
and so that they are intrigued enough to tinker and assist...

More user equals more feedback and assistance, surely ????


Thanks And Regards,

Richard Morton

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2009/11/5 R. G. Newbury <newbury at mandamus.org>:
> Mike Perkins wrote:
>> nospam312 wrote:
>>> You generally only install MythTV once.  If an option you want is not
>>> enabled by default (or is disabled by default) just choose the best
>>> option from the menu above and adjust your settings accordingly.
>> Ha HA HA Ha. OMG that hurt. "You only generally install MythTV once".
>> Perhaps. Maybe. But, before you do that, you often have to install it any
>> number of times to sort out motherboards, tuners, video cards, storage
>> groups, permissions, remotes, SD/xmltv feeds, OS tweaks/bugs... the list is
>> endless.
>> Until you get it just so, and by that I mean what the wife considers "just
>> so", it's usually necessary to spend a fair amount of time tweaking options
>> you personally wouldn't have bothered with.
>> You may have a point regarding a user new to Myth, but I suspect it's not
>> going to work. For example, look at the way Ubuntu tries to set up a decent
>> environment for Myth and then look at the posts we've had here over the last
>> few months where the allegedly safe Ubuntu defaults don't work.
> Hah! I laughed at the 'only once' bit too!
> But the underlying point that maybe the settings could be handled by a
> template is a good idea.
> With a template there could be usable default setups for using Myth on a TV
> (640x480) and on HD (1920x1080) with most of the settings optimized. The
> vast majority of settings could then be set to a useful default.
> Another idea posted recently was the 'context-sensitive' exit which returns
> you to 'where you were' when you entered 'Settings'. This could work easily
> with a template structure if the settings relevant to the source page are
> grouped within the template.
> Also a template structure could make better use of screen space. There is no
> reason why the template could not show up to 50 settings lines on a
> 1920x1080 screen and only 20 lines on a TV screen.
> Geoff
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