[mythtv-users] choppy playback on new danish dvb channels

Michael Frandsen mf1910 at vip.cybercity.dk
Thu Nov 5 22:11:53 UTC 2009

Denmark finally closed down analogue tv broadcast and most new channels
transmitted in H264 mpeg4.
I am running an older combined backend/frontend with a turion processor
and 5200FX.
At first I was only able to view the HD channel (on my desktop pc/core2
3GHz/8800GT) transmit 720p until I today figured out to installed new
codec for the lower resolution.
When I view the channels with mythtv the play back is very choppy but
the strange is that it seems the framerate is good enough but the
problem is that it seems the frames not played in proper order giving a
very choppy playback especially when a lot of movement in picture.
The playback problems are alike in both h264 704x576 50fps and 1280x720
The strange is that vlc can play back without these problems while
mplayer has same problems as mythtv.

I have no idea how to proceed from here I googled for other with similar
problems but without luck so. I hope any of you guys can give me
directions how to find the problem.

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