[mythtv-users] [RFC] Proposed settings rework

Brad Templeton brad+myth at templetons.com
Thu Nov 5 20:04:30 UTC 2009

On Tue, Nov 03, 2009 at 01:07:22PM -0800, Robert McNamara wrote:
> Hide Mouse Cursor (display when moving, hide after ~5s idle?)
        But show when in a window?  I would actually suggest the mouse cursor always show in
        "settings" mode and mythtv-setup, as these are the times when a mouse is very useful
        if you have it.
> Display live preview of recordings (will be theme controlled)

        I would prefer not in this case, though your philosophy of theme control
        is generally a good one.   The live preview (even the static one) has a surprising
        effect on performance on all but the highest end systems.  (This is particularly
        true on lower ram systems which end up putting things to swap.)

        Most themes should perform fine on all levels of CPU unless they are specialty
        animated themes.   As the only animation that appears during a regular menu, thie
        preview is one of the few boxes I would keept.

> OSD Font (themer controlled upon MythUI conversion)
> Font Size (themer controlled upon MythUI conversion)
> Default Caption Font Type (themer controlled upon MythUI conversion)
> ALL the caption font settings (themer controlled upon MythUI conversion)
> All the timeout settings (themer controlled upon MythUI conversion)
> CC Font (themer controlled upon MythUI conversion)

    These might be theme controlled but actually the X windows display size parameters, which
    affect the default font sizes in X and many X applications, should be a guide here.
    The theme might tweak these but let the user also do it.    Since many of us use our
    1080 line tvs also as distantly viewed monitors, the right thing is to set the display size
    appropriately to get slightly larger fonts than desktop monitors when doing our email and
    web browsing.  
> Maximum commercial skip (3600, the default)

        Is this the one that sets the "too far?"  If so that's a wrong default.

I presume in many cases that mythweb (or people editing sql) can still change some
of these, or will they vanish as options?

In general, I believe the best approach is to simplify the setup screens even more, and
move most option setting to mythweb.   While not everybody will have a browser on their
frontend, perhaps, everybody has a computer on the LAN that can call up mythweb. 

Truth is the mythtv setup system is hard to use, and a web browser is far better.  A
typical example is playing with tv playback settings.   For these, a common procedure
is to tweak and try, and right now because there are no jump points into these setup
menus, the alternative is to go through a large number of keystrokes to the settings for
things like deinterlacer, tweak it, go back to watching programs and pick some programs
to try and repeat.  Would rather make all that easy to do in the browser anyway, where
you can offer better help on what the settings mean.

I realize that mythweb is still a contrib. It needs to be promoted as an official
component to do this.  Once you do you can pull out lots of the setup stuff, and
most of mythtv-setup (though alas, you need something to tell your mythweb setup
who to accept connections from since people with low-res screens will be running
the browser on a laptop etc.)

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