[mythtv-users] MySQL server has gone away

Andy Colson andy at squeakycode.net
Thu Nov 5 15:00:56 UTC 2009

Duncan Brown wrote:
> Hi Guys
> Since the upgrade to 0.22RC1 i've had an intermittent problem were the 
> backend stops connecting to the DB. It seems to happen when the backend 
> starts scanning for EIT data, but cant be sure about that.
> The logs will suddenly start filling with this, over and over:
>> Query was:
>> SELECT chanid, useonairguide FROM channel, dtv_multiplex WHERE 
>> serviceid       $
>> Bindings were:
>> No error type from QSqlError?  Strange...
>> 2009-11-04 19:59:29.645 Error preparing query: SELECT chanid, 
>> useonairguide FRO$
>> 2009-11-04 19:59:29.678 Driver error was [2/2006]:
>> QMYSQL3: Unable to prepare statement
>> Database error was:
>> MySQL server has gone away
> The frontend is then unresponsive. Restarting mysqld makes no difference 
> and I have to restart the backend.
> Since seeing the problems I have rebuilt the box from scratch, with a 
> completely new install of F11 and a clean db, but its still happening
> anyone seeing anything similar?
> cheers
> Dunc
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Not with myth, but I have seen it before.  We fixed it by increasing the 
  max packet size:


I've had to set it as high as 32M on one of our web servers.


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