[mythtv-users] [RFC] Proposed settings rework

Jeff Wormsley daworm at comcast.net
Wed Nov 4 19:08:01 UTC 2009

Chris Pinkham wrote:
> <stirring discussion>
> So you put in a new bookmark before you remove the old one?  You don't take
> the old one out and move it to the new location in one motion? :)  How often
> do you take a bookmark out of a book until you're finished reading?
Not sure how applicable this is to video bookmarks, but with certain 
books, I keep two bookmarks going.  One at my current position and one 
at the page with notes for the current chapter (or the page of the last 
note).  Or sometimes the second one is used for a map or table or other 
useful info.  Very handy for things like Christopher Tolkien's analysis 
of his father's works, where the note content is as interesting if not 
more so than the main text.

Personally, I'd prefer the last watched position autosaved, so that if I 
leave in the middle, and come back, it resumes from that point, or maybe 
even better, pops up a menu asking if I want to resume from the last 
point or start over (maybe its been a while and I've forgotten what I 
saw or need a refresher).  It may even be possible to set it up that way 
now but I haven't found those settings if it is.  But that's a very 
personal taste, and making something like that configurable leads to 
MORE, not LESS options to wade through, unless of course you go with a 
basic vs advanced concept where the settings are still there, but you 
don't have to wade through them to do the simple, common things.

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