[mythtv-users] [RFC] Proposed settings rework

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Wed Nov 4 12:22:03 UTC 2009

Christopher Kerr wrote:

>  > That's fine for those two channels but what about the others on
>>  sky/freeview/freesat and cable?
>>  Five, fiver, five usa, dave, more4, e4 , itv2 are the channels with ads we
>>  watch the most.
>>  R
>>  Please excuse brevity and mistakes, this email was composed on a mobile
>>  phone.
>>  Thanks and regards,
>>  Richard Morton
>With many people submitting their particular situation as evidence it
>should be one value or another, doesn't it prove that this setting is
>user-configurable for a reason?

I was just thinking that myself. Also, since the program has to 
include functionality to "skip unless it's more than x" then it would 
seem that there isn't the code cleanup reason to remove this. Ie, the 
code is virtually identical whether x is a compiled in fixed value or 
fetched from a settings database.

I think it's the only one in the list I'd disagree with removing.

Simon Hobson

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