[mythtv-users] mythtv-0.22, no EIT

Christian CvB at kruemel.org
Wed Nov 4 06:23:38 UTC 2009

>> I tried mythtv-0.22(-fixes) from branches, and mythtv does not receive
>> or handly any EIT-data - neither for DVB-C nor DVB-T.
>> [...]
>> I set up my channels by importing a channels.conf from w_scan (in czap
>> format).
> I think you have to to do a real scan with mythtv. Don't import the
> channels, cause mythtv needs some additional information which is not
> contained in the channels.conf.
> I had the same problem and wasted many houres on figuriung out the
> soloution, cause it  is so well hidden in the wiki... ;-)

I guess I might be having the same issue with 0.22RC2. After the upgrade
from 0.21something, EIT data was not migrated, and not received, either.
So I deleted all channels, created a new channels.conf, imported it, but
no change. Reading your hint, yesterday evening I deleted all channels and
rescanned the existing transports. Still, until now no EIT data was
received. So I wanted to do a full scan. But when I enter, for Astra 19.2
E, 12551500 (Frequency), vertical and 22000000 as symbol rate, leaving the
rest at auto, I just get an error message:

Channel could not be opened

However, there are no error messages in my mythbackend.log.

How did you do "a real scan" with mythtv?

Thanks, Christian

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