[mythtv-users] Getting local-access stations into Schedules Direct

Russ Van Winkle russ.vanwinkle at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 03:04:00 UTC 2009

> [But my impression was also that Tribune retyped the program
> descriptions, at least, even if they would prefer to have the rest of
> the data machine-transferrable, so that Tribune owned the copyright to
> the feed as a "creative work".  Is this incorrect?]

When I worked at a local TV station, the schedule we sent out was a
*printout* of an Excel spreadsheet, that the receptionist made up and
mailed to Tribune (and a few other recipients such as area newspapers)
weekly.  Any revisions to prior schedules?  Text notes on the later
schedules.  Not surprisingly, our local newspaper tended to get our
schedule wrong pretty frequently.

Network programming only indicated the show name, Tribune would
presumably get the episode info from the network.  Syndicated
programming showed the episode production code, so I'd assume Tribune
had a database to pull the description from for those.  The remainder
of our schedule was either paid programming or local news, each of
which would just get a generic description.  Either way, a minimum of

Russ D. Van Winkle

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