[mythtv-users] [RFC] Proposed settings rework

Nick Rout nick.rout at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 22:49:23 UTC 2009

On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 10:07 AM, Robert McNamara
<robert.mcnamara at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello MythTV Community,
> There has been substantial discussion in the past several weeks,
> culminating in a long dev channel discussion this morning, on how to
> best improve MythTV usability and user experience.  As most of you
> know, Stuart Morgan has been hard at work improving Myth's User
> Interface, and that work is ongoing.  There are other elements
> necessary to improving usability, including simplifying setup and
> drastically simplifying the ocean of settings Myth users are presented
> with.

A couple of comments:

(1) it amused me to see a similar thread on the XBMC forums lately,
people wanting to drastically reduce the configuration options in
XBMC. The reason it amused me is that XBMC seems to have a pittance of
setup options compared to mythtv, yet people still want them reduced.

(2) make the settings more accessible. From each screen/plugin add a
context menu button to go straight to the config options for that
screen. (presently its escape back to main menu, forward through
several setup menus, make the changes then escape back out to main
menu and all the way back to your screen. My suggestion is not only
more user friendly in terms of button presses, but may save those
endless posts asking "where is the settings option for foobar" - the
answer will become "from the foobar screen hit [info] and choose

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