[mythtv-users] Advice on HD, Digital SD, Analog SD scheduling priorities

Larry K lunchtimelarry at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 19:51:21 UTC 2009

I am running myth 0.21 right now, and I currently use 2 analog capture
cards, and a (dual tuner) HDHR.  I have Comcast, so I still get most of the
basic cable + OTA in both analog AND digital form, but this may not last.

The challenge I have now is balancing recordings against the HDHR vs. analog
tuners.  If I bind recordings to specific channels, then sometimes I get
conflicts because I will tend to overbook the HDHR looking for HD content
(usually this is why).   Obviously, when this happens, I can miss
recordings, when the show could have possibly been recorded using one of the
analog tuners.  I would rather fall back to analog SD than miss a show
completely.   So, I end up having to edit individual recording schedules and
relax the channel binding, but maybe prefer a specific tuner.  I am not
crazy about this either since I am not sure how to prefer tuners in a
hierarchical way.

I would like to find a global solution where, for a given recording schedule
that is set to 'any channel', I prioritize the tuners in roughly this order:

Choose an HD channel on the HDHR first.  If this is not available, then
choose a digital SD channel on the HDHR.  If this is not available, then
choose an analog SD channel.

So, I would modify my recording schedules to be 'any channel', and let the
system decide which channel to use based on the above tuner preference.  The
system would use my show priorities to decide what gets put on the preferred
tuner.  So, if CSI is +2, Modern Marvels is +1, Law&Order is 0, and House is
-1, then CSI would get an HD channel, Modern Marvels would get a digital SD
channel (both on the HDHR), and Law&order and House would fall back to the
analog tuners.

Can this be done?

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