[mythtv-users] VDPAU video can't initialize...

Gavin Peters gavin at ytz.ca
Tue Nov 3 19:09:03 UTC 2009

I have an ASRock ION 330, and so I need VDPAU for a lot of my viewing.
Sometimes, VDPAU doesn't initialize; restarting mythfrontend and trying again
seems to work to solve this.

But does anyone know how to avoid it?  Sometimes it seems latency based; if I leave
Myth for a long time so it's likely to be all swapped out, it seems more likely to
not initialize the video...  Mostly though it just seems random.

Other times, playback works, but Myth stops or just won't compose its
UI onto the playing video; usually shortly after it stops accepting
commands...  So I can't view menus, pause, skip, etc...

More RAM?  Sticky bit on the mythfrontned/npviewer binaries?  Upgrade (from
J. Random svn checkout)...

- Gavin

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