[mythtv-users] HD-PVR giving up

Marius Schrecker marius at schrecker.org
Tue Nov 3 13:51:27 UTC 2009

 On Tue Nov  3 14:38 , Kenneth Emerson <kenneth.emerson at gmail.com> wrote:

>>Thanks Ken,

>>Interesting what you said about the firmware number and re-adding the hd-pvr. 720p is the only format being output by my cable box, so that's at least one thing that shoudl be correct.  I haven't had time to re-check my firmware yet, >>due to very low WAF, and box being connected to the TV which is in constant evening use by the family.

>>Next things for me to try (in order), are:
>>revert again to rca (I somehow messed up even more last time I tried this, but haven't managed to undo the damage yet, so will revert again)
> >re-install the firmware from a windows VM
>>double check the permissions and paths in my storage groups
>>set /dev/video0 permissions to 777
>>enable vdpau playback (I didn't really want to do this before I had the setup working with cpu+, as it's another unknown, but hey, what can I loose?)
>>Reinstall the whole sjabang :-(

>>At the current rate this list will take me several weeks, all in the face of steadily falling WAF, so I really hope one of the first steps does it for me.

>> Cheers!

>A little more info:I tried using VDPAU but found it to be not quite stable enough for every day use. Since I have plenty of CPU power, I have reverted to the HIGH QUALITY profile which has performed very well.  I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 >and it appears that all videox devices are added with the group VIDEO which has rw access.  My mythtv user is a member of the VIDEO group.
>I have both the RCA (stereo) and spdif cable connected between the HD-PVR and the DCH3200.  I disconnected the RCA cables and the sound disappeared (as expected from reading the wiki).  I'm still not sure how to set module level >parameters, but maybe someone reading this will offer suggestions or a link to a web page that describes such.
>Anyway, I'm much closer to having it working the way I want than I was a week ago.  Too bad this system can't handle the 1080 input (although I don't know what my cable provider is actually sending over these channels). 
>-- Ken

Hi again Ken,

 Yes, looks like my permssions were the same as yours to start with (before I changed them to 775). VDPAU I haven't tried yet, as stated earlier, but I'm using the NVidia 190.x driver from JYA's repo.
The kernel level module options are just options lines which you put in a file under /etc/modules.d/  Yopu'll see other files there which you can check for syntax. The options themselves I found in the WIKI (setting default audio and video inputs etc.) I've changed mine back to s/pdif and component now, but will revert to rca/component for the next tests (and in the backend setup).

I only have a 720 TV so am sticking to 720p anyway for now, although cable will spit out a max of 1080i if I ask it to. To be honest I'd rather have the slightly lower res, and not have to bother with the deinterlacing anyway.



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