[mythtv-users] Seperate Video modes for GUI and TV Playback and mouse cursor

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 05:48:16 UTC 2009


2009/11/3 James Oltman <cnlibmyth at gmail.com>:
> Ever since I enabled Seperate Video Modes, whenever I play a video (AVI,
> ISO, MKV, or recording) the mouse cursor appears on the screen and stays
> there even after I close out of the video.  I have the Hide Mouse check box
> checked, but this mouse cursor is still on the screen.  Any ideas?  Am I
> doing something wrong?
> Mythbuntu 9.04 x64 FE, x32 BE
> Myth .21 with JYA's repo

This issues appeared with Ubuntu 9.04 ; wasn't occuring with 8.10 and
earlier. Not to sure what happened.

As soon as you change the refresh rate, the mouse cursor suddenly appears.

So work around I use is move the cursor to the bottom right corner
before starting myth with:
/usr/bin/xwit -root -warp 1920 1080

1920x1080 is the dimension of my screen

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