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Justin Garrison rothgar at 1n73r.net
Mon Nov 2 21:41:57 UTC 2009

> Second, you could get a second cable box just for live TV, which she
> > would probably prefer. You'd still have the recurring charge but you
> > wouldn't need another HDPVR.
> >

If it is already recording and she wants to stop
> it or watch it in progress then you can do both from the watch
> recordings screen. The show that is recording will be be a different
> color and it will be at the top of the list in watch recordings. Just
> hit play to watch it while it is still recording. To stop it, hit the
> "info" button and choose delete.

I was hoping there would be an easier way like have it prompt when she is in
the program guide or when she goes to watch live TV. I guess I can see if
she can just kill recordings by going through the menus, but at that point I
think MythTV might have a negative WAF value.

> We have an additional cable box hooked up directly to the TV that is there
> pretty
> much for the specific purpose of allowing her to watch whatever she wants
> on
> live TV whenever she wants to watch it without effecting myth at all.  Yes,
> it costs an extra $10/month, but it is totally worth that to avoid having
> to
> explain either a) why she must jump through hoops to cancel recordings just
> to watch tv or b) why one of her recorded shows is missing after she
> canceled the recording to watch live TV.
> Brad

I never even thought about doing just a second cable box. It would still
cost more but I guess it would be the only way to let us both have what we
want at the cheapest cost. Don't the two cable boxes get mixed up with the
remotes though? I guess you would have to cover up the IR on the MythTV
cable box or put it all in a different room.

I will have to check some more on the mixer volumes. I think I checked all
my sliders but there always seems to be one more setting I missed.

Another random question too. Is there a way to jump straight to the Program
Guide with a keyboard shortcut/remote key? I looked through all of the
keyboard shortcuts and it said M would go to the program guide when watching
a recording or LiveTV but all it does is pull up the menu. I am hoping the
"Guide" button on my remote can pull up the guide information when watching
TV instead of jumping through more menu's.

Thanks again for all the suggestions.
Justin Garrison
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