[mythtv-users] Small front end???

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Mon Nov 2 19:40:11 UTC 2009

> Looks like it completely misses the mark on the audio front. Who wants HD
> with only analog Stereo output?

Uhhh, me? I mean, not that I'd prefer it over something more, but it's
perfectly sufficient to me. My HD mythbox is hooked up to my 1080p
HDTV and using only analog stereo hooked up to a receiver that only
does Dolby Surround Sound (it was a mid-level receiver for 1994). Most
of the time I watch movies with the stereo off and the audio just
coming out of the TV. If it's something I'm really into, then I'll
turn on the stereo, but it's not like my living room is laid out to
where 5.1 (or more) channels would make a huge difference. I sit on
the loveseat against the right wall. The right side speakers are
straight in front of and behind me. 5.1 isn't exactly going to get me
realism, and 7.1 would get me nothing but hearing loss in one ear. It
works plenty well to satisfy me. Maybe some day when I get a much more
spacious house I'll be able to having a sofa dead smack in the middle
of the living room or something.

Despite the recent trend of buying crazy big houses (at least in the
US), I doubt I'm the only one in such a circumstance. I'd suspect I'm
more the rule than the exception.

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