[mythtv-users] UK Channels missing in mythfilldatabase run?

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Mon Nov 2 17:38:30 UTC 2009

Neil Bird wrote:
> Around about 23/10/09 14:26, Mike Perkins typed ...
>> Today I've noticed that a large number of Freeview channels, perhaps 
>> half, have got no scheduling information any more. These include ITV1 
>> (Meridian), BBC3, BBC4, Virgin1, etc. All I get is "no data".
>   See if you're using out-of-date xmltvid values.  The current set is in 
> channel_ids online somewhere, but you can use the installed copy if your 
> xmltv is fairly recent.  Compare them with what's in the d/b (best done 
> via mythweb) and your .xmltv config file(s).
Actually, I was using up-to-date values as I pulled a set when I had to rescan 
for the DVB-t changes. These had been working for a number of weeks.

What I eventually did was to pull an up-to-date copy of xmltv from the project 
and build it from source (as opposed to using the distro provided version, which 
I had been doing up till then). I built it and spent a fun week knocking it into 
shape (at least, what I consider to be a good shape).

Once I'd found that it puts the executables into /usr/local/bin /whatever/ you 
put on the command line, and made sure that the old version wasn't ahead of it 
in the path, everything worked fine.

<sigh> I'll probably have to do it all again when I upgrade to 0.22, as I plan 
to update the OS as well. I'm going to do a clean install to make sure I get rid 
of cruft, then install 0.22 from a tarball.


Mike Perkins

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