[mythtv-users] Major Issue All Of a Sudden - Recording Unavailable

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Mon Nov 2 15:15:05 UTC 2009

Dave Pearson wrote:
> Paulin wrote:
>> Dear Myth Community,
>> I've been using Myth for just over a year and it's been working well. 
>>  All of a sudden (Thursday Oct 29) everything that has recording won't 
>> play.  When I try to play it on the front end I get a error message:
>>      Recording Unavailable (title of show), This recording is not yet 
>> available.
>> Now I have done nothing on the box.  No upgrades.  Nothing.
>> My myth version was built using trunk (rev 19992).
>> So any suggestions or ways to fix it.  Not even sure where to begin.
>> Any help is appriciated.
> I Had a similar problem which was caused by setting the time zone to 
> GMT, when I changed it to Europe/London I could watch all of my recorded 
> programs.
Check your tuner(s) haven't suddenly died. I had one of mine fail recently, got 
'B' length recordings from it. Also check that you still have disk space for 
e.g. log files.


Mike Perkins

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