[mythtv-users] Please help with WAF!

Justin Garrison rothgar at 1n73r.net
Mon Nov 2 07:05:31 UTC 2009

"Can't you add a second tuner and make it have higher recording
priority?  That way you wife gets to watch live TV on an earlier
'free' tuner.

Have you check your volume settings in your frontend?

In the Frontend --> Utilities/Setup --> Setup -->  General --> 4 or
5th Screen (Audio Mixer)

Make sure the volume settings there are maxed, it defaults to 70% and
turns down the system master volume."

Another tuner that can do all of the premium channels requires another
HD-PVR (~$200) plus another cable box (+$10/mo) and I can't spend that just
so she can watch LiveTV. My only other option if this isn't a possibility is
to schedule all of my recordings for night or during the day when we both
are at work. But IMO it seems like the option should be there to enable this
kind of functionality. I would much rather her kill a recording every now
and then over spending $200+$120/yr. Or at least prompt her to watch the
recording while it records.

"Maybe a stupid question, but have you run alsamixer and checked
whether the Master volume and anything else relevant is set to 100?

It's also my experience that the HD-PVR is significantly louder than the

As for the audio, I have checked on both screens in mythfrontend and running
alsamixer and both are already set to 100%. I did find it odd though that I
actually have to use /dev/dsp for output in order to get any audio though.
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