[mythtv-users] Upgrading Ubuntu

Bruce Nordstrand brucen at ksl.com.au
Sun Nov 1 08:27:23 UTC 2009

On 1/11/09 4:06 AM, "Nicolas Will" <nico at youplala.net> wrote:

> On Sat, 2009-10-31 at 11:49 -0500, Craig Huff wrote:
>> On Sat, Oct 31, 2009 at 5:54 AM, Nicolas Will <nico at youplala.net>
>> wrote:
>>> On Sat, 2009-10-31 at 09:42 +0000, Damian wrote:
>>>> Hello all,
>>>> Could anyone tell me the best way to go about upgrading Ubuntu? I'm
>>>> in
>>>> no rush.
>>> Normal upgrade procedure, either through update manager or through
>> the
>>> command line using a do-release-upgrade.
>>> Nothing special.
>> Nico-
>> I'm guessing the OP is in the same boat I am -- my current mythbuntu
>> 9.04 system is my **first** mythbuntu system
> Cool, you will like it.
>> , so I have no experience
>> doing anything other than letting the update manager automatically
>> update (or maybe I should say semi-automatically, since I try to look
>> things over first in case there is something that I think might foobar
>> things).
> I recommend the package called apt-listchanges, it displays the
> changelogs after downloading updates and asks you if you would like to
> continue.
>> So... Is the normal upgrade procedure to invoke the following command?
>> % sudo apt-get do-release-upgrade
> $ sudo do-release-upgrade
> That's a dedicated script if you want to do it from the terminal. I even
> use it on remote ssh sessions.
> Otherwise use the GUI Update-Manager will propose the upgrade to 9.10 on
> its top part.
>> Or... Is there more to it?
> Just re-enable non-ubuntu repos in your sources.list once done, they are
> deactivated on upgrade.
> That's it, yes. It works, it's reliable, it's easy. My MythTV system
> started at 7.04 and has seen 5 upgrades without any hickups.
> I have a laptop that has lived like that since Warty (even moving from
> hardware to hardware). I have Debian machine that are much older than
> that (less upgrades with Debian, granted, but that's the point).
> That is if you are using Ubuntu repos, no weird repo, no fugly manual
> stuff, weirdo scripts a la automatix, etc... Stay within software
> sources that are part of the Ubuntu processs.
> Medibuntu and PPAs are usually no issue.
> Nico
Don't want to put you off but my upgrade to 9.10 has been abysmal. The
update process went fine except for MySQL which failed to upgrade and
refused to start. No matter what I did (even after MANY Google searches) I
could not get it working which is not a good situation for the master
backend server. So I have been copying all recordings off the drive along
with every configuration file I can think of and am currently doing a full
install. Luckily I took a MySQL backup before doing anything.

At this point I am unhappy with the Ubuntu upgrade process, making me dread
any future updates....


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