[mythtv-users] New release of scte65scan (mainly for Comcast users)

Robert McNamara robert.mcnamara at gmail.com
Sun May 31 18:35:39 UTC 2009

Thanks all who have added the correct VCT_ID for their area.
California is starting to shape up okay, but there's not a lot of info
yet for the Portland and Seattle areas.

If you are in the SF Bay, Portland, Seattle or anywhere else where
scte65scan returns results, *please* take a couple of minutes and add
your VCT_ID info to this page:


Note that you *don't* need a DTA to figure out your VCT_ID if you have
a Comcast cable box, instructions are on the page.  I've chatted a bit
with the devs doing work on both the channel scanner and the myth web
services, and there are some neat opportunities there, but they all
may need some "seeding" of VCT_ID data.  Should just take a couple of
minutes of work, and will benefit lots of users.  Thanks!


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