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Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Wed May 27 21:30:20 UTC 2009

On 27/05/2009, James McCalden <james at mccalden.com> wrote:

>  I found a few pages that suggested setting the same channel number for the
> channel from each source, so setting BBC1 freeview and BBC1 freesat to 101
> for example. Unfortunately that just seemed to confuse everything and I was
> unable to tune any channels at all. Does anyone else do something similar?
> Is there a suggested way of running this sort of setup?

Changing the channel number (called channum in the database) does not
affect tuning, so I think you may have altered the wrong field.

If you want the same channel (or station in US-speak) on multiple
sources to only appear once in the EPG, set the channum to be the same
for each of the relevant channels. Do _not_ change the chanid or
freqid fields. You can update the name of the channels to be
consistent also.

For these channels to be treated as the same for scheduling purposes,
you need to ensure that the callsign and XMLTVIDs are the same for
such channels.

To give preference to one input over another, you can assign input
(and channel) priorities in mythtv-setup. In an example scenario where
BBC1 is available on both Freesat and FreeView, assigning a higher
priority to the Freesat source would use the Freesat source in
preference to the FreeView one. Note that historically and without
setting individual source preferences, the first input source
configured in mythtv-setup is the preferred recording source and least
preferred LiveTV source.


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