[mythtv-users] Multiple lineups with hdhomerun

Erik Hovland erik at hovland.org
Wed May 27 19:24:34 UTC 2009

>> Hi all,  I want to be able to use my hdhomerun to record both digital cable
>> channels AND HD broadcast.  I am using the comcast cable provider.
>> Currently I have the tuner associated with the  "HD broadcast (OTA)"
>> videosource, losing all the non-hd digital cable channels.  I know that in
>> mythtv-setup I can associate it with a "digital cable" lineup and it will
>> give me the digital cable lineup, but then I'll lose my HD channels.  How
>> can I have both lineups associated with the same tuner??  I hope that I am
>> missing something very obvious and I don't need to manually alter the DB.
>> I followed the instructions here to setup the hdhomerun inside of myth:
>> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HDHomeRun
>> In particular, "Create a channel lineup and enable/disable channels based on
>> channels listed in the Channel Editor in mythtv-setup. Note that MythTV uses
>> the ATSC channel numbering as specified in the transport stream, not the
>> remapped cable channel numbering so you will need to select OTA/Antenna as
>> the source in Zap2it."
> What you probably need to do is map the channels you receive over your
> cable to the channels comcast says they are (the channel number
> schedules direct has them listed as under digital cable).
> For instance, in my area, Fox's HD station is broadcast on channel
> 45.1, comcast resends it over the cable as 45.1, but their cable boxes
> list it as channel 213, and that's the channel it's listed as in
> Schedules direct as well.
> I believe the important part is the xmltvid, if that matches the
> listings should come across properly (in the case of fox 45 HD it's
> 21233). I'm not 100% sure on this, I haven't had to deal with it yet,
> but it's been discussed before on the list.

The xmltvid will be filled in by mythfilldatabase. I suspect the
import parts are
the callsign and the channel number. Those have to match what the cable provider
has it listed as in schedulesdirect. For example, I have Charter in
Glendale CA. KCETHD
is channel 786 in schedulesdirect. But the ATSC virtual channel is 2.1
and the actual
frequency is 88.401. For the listing to work right the channel editor
has to show that
channel as 786 and the callsign to be KCETDT. But the channel
frequency has to be
88. The entry in the channel table has to have the right ATSC major
and minor channels.
Oh what tangled webs we weave. But the xmltvid will be filled in by
mythfilldatabase w/
the right value if all of that is filled in correctly (especially the
callsign and the channel in
the first screen dialog of the channel editor for that channel).


Erik Hovland
erik at hovland.org

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