[mythtv-users] Ubuntu 9.04 broke MythTv

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Wed May 27 03:03:58 UTC 2009

>> Even though I am not running mythbuntu, I can use their builds to update the
>> copy I install from synaptic?
> Yes.
> Mythbuntu is just made of packages you run on top of ubuntu
> They will work with any flavours of ubuntu (xubuntu, kubuntu etc...)

Yeah I actually started with straight Ubuntu and then I started using
the mythbuntu weekly builds so I could easily get an updated version
of .21-fixes. When you add the mythbuntu repositories, synaptic will
show that your mythtv packages have an update available. My updates
have gone very smoothly. Since .21-fixes updates are just bug fixes
you are much less likely to see any problems like you would when
updating to a new release. Later I ended up wanting to have the other
features like the mythbuntu control centre and to use the lighter
weight xfce window manager so I just used synaptic/aptitude to install
the mythbuntu-desktop package. That will give basically the same setup
as if you installed from a mythbuntu CD. However you can still use
gnome and and everything from your original setup if you like.
Likewise you can install from a mythbuntu CD and later add the
ubuntu-desktop package, which will give you essentially the same setup
as if you installed with an Ubuntu CD. For the most part, Mythbuntu
just adds a couple of extra packages and some custom startup scripts
for xfce.

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