[mythtv-users] Watch Recordings - Show Searches?

Captain Krypto captainkrypto at gmail.com
Tue May 26 22:49:47 UTC 2009

Hey all.  Hopefully this is an easy question for someone.  I searched
through the mailing list and the docs and can't find the answer.

In the 'Watch Recordings' menu, you can hit 'M' to bring up the 'Recording
List Menu', then select 'Change Group Filter', there are options to select
which views you would like to see on the 'Watch Recordings' screen.  I
notice there is one labeled 'Show Searches'.  How do I set up these
searches?  I am assuming that these are custom searches based on some
criteria?  I would like to set this up to have things like 'HD' and 'Not
Transcoded'.  Am I one the right track?  Can someone explain this option?

Thanks in advance.
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